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HV Tech Solutions is proud to offer a powerful yet simple way to manage all of your documents.

Document Management Software Improves Business.
Content Central™ Makes It Easy.

Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects of business. The Content Central™ document management solution will improve how you process this information. Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, and other files directly into Content Central™. Eliminate wasted time searching for paper and replacing lost documents. Access your information the moment you need it, wherever you need it—and manage it all from the convenience of a Web browser. The road to a document management system starts with a live demonstration or trial download, so begin your journey today!


Content Central™ The All-In-One

Document Management Solution

Content Central™ Document Management Solution

Ademero makes document capture, retrieval, and management simple with Content Central™—giving organizations like yours quick and easy access to information. This all-in-one, browser-based document management system provides what matters most to you: Access, Speed, and Security.

Choose the document management software that best fits your organization. The Enterprise Edition works well for offices with 10 or more employees. The Workgroup Edition provides most of the same features as the Enterprise Edition, and fits well with any budget.

Find Your Documents

Search for documents with the same familiar techniques you would use with an internet search engine. Find Your Documents
We designed Content Central™ to make a first-time user feel right at home.

Find documents by searching for any word contained in the document even if the original was in paper form. Content Central™ also allows you to find documents using custom fields such as client name, document type, or invoice number.

Access your information from any computer on the network with a standard Web browser. View your information on site even when you're off site when you allow internet access to Content Central™.

As an alternative to searching, the Catalog Browser adds familiar file-explorer functionality to your Web browser. You can locate your documents by navigating through folders, and any document can be cut or copied and pasted from one folder to another.

Manage Your Documents

Content Central™ allows users to edit, e-mail, and print documents along with many other actions that you would expect from a True Document Management Solution. Manage Your Documents

Perform document actions such as appending and replacing with easy-to-use menu selections.

Workflow rules allow for approval processing and other work-related tasks to be completed by users. Documents automatically move along a path created by administrators. Users approve or reject documents landing in their work queue.

Define retention policies for each collection of documents in the system. Users with permission can define these policies at the document level. Expired documents will be removed from the system.

Check Out and Check In features guarantee document revisions won't be lost, and any changes will be tracked.

Capture Your Documents

Content Central™ handles your document scanning and electronic file capture needs. Capture Your Documents
Scan paper using an existing copier (MFP) or desktop scanner, and documents will be routed directly into Content Central™. We've made the process easier than making a copy.

DirectScan™ lets you scan documents directly into your Web browser using any TWAIN-compliant scanner. This provides a solution for off-site document capture not available in a traditional DMS.

QCards™ can be printed and used as a cover sheet to identify one or more documents when scanned using a network scanner. Make use of one or more MFPs in your office to scan batches of documents at once.

Point Content Central™ at your existing electronic files to ensure your documents remain organized and protected. Capture any file locally or remotely with a convenient drag-and-drop interface. Scanned images and uploaded content will be named and filed automatically as they're captured.




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