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CRM Solutions

HV Tech Solutions offers CRM products and services in Westchester County to support your Goldmine, ACT, Maximizer and Microsoft CRM installations. Looking to connect all of your users to a central customer database? Want to manage your leads? Do you need to do mass email marketing? Thought about automated customer follow ups to retain and grow more business? Well HV Tech can help. Talk to a CRM specialist today! Call 845-809-4812! Goldmine CRM Software

Our unique approach to developing a dynamic infrastructure can offer actionable recommendations and scalable solutions to better align the Business and IT infrastructures with the demanding goals of the business in today's global marketplace. HV Tech Solutions focuses on key client initiatives with solutions and offerings to address each area of a dynamic infrastructure.

What can a CRM do for you?

  • Win more deals by collaborating throughout the sales cycle
  • Centralize customer information for all employees to better service customers
  • Build profitable relationships with customers through more effective target marketing
  • Increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business
  • Automate customer-facing business processes and streamline repetitive tasks
  • Gain visibility into staff and business performance to make timely decisions

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