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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

When it comes to protecting valuable computer data, most of us know that we should be making regular backups because a system failure would cause unthinkable hardship. Even with this knowledge, many customers live through each day without a backup for accounting data, databases, digital photos  and other important files that are irreplaceable. HV Tech is focused on providing solutions that help small and medium businesses protect their data without investing a lot of time and energy.

We offer on premise, remote offsite cloud backup solutions and a combination of both to safeguard your data. This is a "hands free no headache" way to backup your data.  It offers the comfort of offsite cloud storage in the case of a local disaster and always works compared to a traditional tape backup system.

Our Solutions offer:

  • Rapid recovery from bare metal, to dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments.
  • Centralized backup administration from a management console.
  • ability to automatically consolidate backup image files.
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images.
  • VirtualBoot technology for quick failover to a virtual server.
  • Converter tool to convert to .VHD or .VMDK. for virtual machine running.
  • Automatic backup of SQL, Exchange and other critical applications.
  • Granular recovery of individual files and folders in moments.
  • Simplified migration to new Windows servers.
  • Scheduler for automatic full and incremental backups.

Disaster Recovery note:

  • Have you thought of what you would do in the event there is a local or regional disaster such as during a Hurricane like Irene of 2010? This type of disaster is not what most small and medium companies think of, however as we saw, it could a devasting reality. If your daily business operations serve clients outside of the area then you should think of having a virtualization and cloud plan. We offer consulting to help contruct a "What if" plan that could move your core operations to the Azure or Amazon cloud in the event of a local disaster. We offer Backup and Disaster recovery consulting in the metro NY area including westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam counties. Call us today at 914-809-4812 for a free consultation.

Our Partners:

  • Storagecraft
  • Symantec
  • Acronis
  • EMC
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsft Azur
  • MOZY
  • Backup Assist

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