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VOIP / Internet Phone Systems for Westchester Rockland Orange and Putnam NY By Nextiva and Ringcentral

Great cloud-based phone systems for your business. Save money today!

At one time, companies turned to hardware-based systems for basic telephone services, such as call forwarding or
call conferencing—because there was no other option. But for today’s small businesses, on-premise PBXs simply
aren’t practical. They’re expensive and difficult to maintain. PBXs are also designed for centralized offices,
so they can’t integrate home or mobile phones.

A VOIP cloud-based business phone system from HV Tech and RingCentral or Vextiva, on the other hand, uses the Internet to deliver all the features of an on premise
PBX—minus the costly setup and the bulky hardware. (Our systems typically see an ROI of 1 year or less). And since the Internet isn’t bound to a specific
location, a cloud-based PBX seamlessly integrates multiple locations and remote employees. It also works with your
existing phones and mobile devices, so you can work from your office, or take your office with you wherever you go.


Use VOIP Phone systems as your business phone system and:

Get a complete, cloud VoIP business phone system that eliminates expensive on-premise equipment, includes
ready to use phones, and provides enterprise class functionality with VOIP our Internet Phone systems.

How can HV Tech Solutions help you with your cloud based VOIP phone system setup?


• We will set up your phone system to work the way you do. We setup VOIP Phone systems in westchester, Rockland , Orange and Putnam counties.
• We will spec out the right VOIP Internet phone system, voice and fax features you need.
• We can integrate office, mobile, and distributed employees under one phone system.
• HV Tech will show you how to manage calls, voicemail, and faxes from your mobile phone.
• Drastically reduce costs of complex on premise PBX installation.
• Significantly reduce ongoing operating costs and lower your phone bill by up to 50% annually!
• Have the flexibility add users and phones anytime and anywhere.

VOIP and a Disaster Recovery Note: Think about this!

As an added bonus, these types of systems provide for a better disaster recovery solution. Everyone remembers Hurricane Irene in 2011. A large amount of companies in the NY tri-state area lost phone and internet at their offices leaving their customers to receive a busy signal or no signal from Verizon and other carriers for days. With RingCentral or Nextiva VOIP service provided by HV Tech Solutions, it would have been business as usual to the customer. Many of our customers simply took their phones home or to wherever there was a working internet connection and were up an running in minutes. Not to mention receiving all voice mails uninterrupted. Ringcentral and Nextiva are geo-redundant residing at multiple hardened hosting facilities nationwide.

HV Tech Solutions offers VOIP phone service from Ringcentral and Nextiva in Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam NY. Our VOIP phones are from Polycom and Cisco.



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