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Server Virtualization for Westchester Rockland and Orange
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Vmware Consolidation model

Server Virtualization and Consolidation

In today's economy it is very clear that companies need to cut IT infrastructure and management costs to stay competetive. Virtualization offers this VMWare Partner for Server Consolidationto both large and small organizations by reducing their hardware footprint and operational costs. Server virtualization is the the first step in looking at your existing infrastructure. Virtualization will allow you to consolidate many servers running their respective operating systems on to one physical machine running a virtual software layer from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others. This allows you to have higher server efficiency rates and provision new servers to for applications without having to purchase new hardware.

HV TeVmware Infrastructurech Solutions can help you with your server consolidation and virtualization by analyzing your environment using tools such as CDAT, a capacity planning tool that collects comprehensive resource utilization data within your IT environment. In english that means we will install a small piece of information gathering software on your network that will collect data such as CPU, memory, network and disk utilization across every server in your organization. We will also inventory your applications for compatibility checks. Once we have collected all of this data we can then provide you with a Virtualition Assessment. This will be your roadmap to virtualizing your servers showing your savings in physical floorspace, electrical consumption and green environment benefits, server management and technical maintenance cost reductions and many other efficiencies that will reduce headaches and costs going forward. In many cases our cost justifications will result in an an 8 month ROI!!

Benefits of Virtualization

+ drive higher utilization
+ conserve data center floor space
+ reduce operating costs (power/cooling)
+ reduce the cost of server/storage/software administration
+ reduce hardware deployment times
+ reduce overall IT total cost of ownership
+ increase flexibility and resiliency








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