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Shared Internet Services

Share your home internet connection with multiple computers and laptops at your home (assuming you have more than one, of course). Just because you have only one internet connection, it doesn't mean you are limited to connecting one computer. You can have multiple systems connected to that internet access point. HV Tech offers Internet connection sharing Routers, Switches, and Access Points with advanced security features. Let us help you jump start your internet access and work productivity by connecting and configuring your PCs and laptops to the internet. We'll also set up security access so that none of your neighbors can access your computer network remotely.

Call today for your FREE consultation and learn what we can do to help you!   Linksys Home Internet wireless system


 Please choose a service below for more info:

    * Virus, Worm, Spyware Removal (*Popular)
    * Wireless Networking (*Popular)
    * Data Backup and Recovery
    * High-Speed Cable DSL Modem Setup
    * Troubleshoot and Repair
    * Software Training
    * Audio Visual
    * Shared Internet Solutions
    * Additional Services



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