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Wireless Networking for home and office.

HV Tech will help you share your internet access through a single wireless router. This saves you the trouble and expense of running cables throughout your home or office. Is signal strength an issue? Our team will help you solve low signal strength problems. Wireless networking provides mobile users with laptops and hand-held devices convenient access from any point within range of the router. All computers on a wireless network can share printers, files, graphics and multi-user applications connected anywhere in the home or office. Most wireless routers have built-in encryption technology for secure communications which we will setup and configure for you. This is an added level of protection to help prevent intruders from accessing your computers and data on your wireless network. Wireless Internet Home Service

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* Virus, Worm, Spyware Removal (*Popular)
* Wireless Networking (*Popular)
* Data Backup and Recovery
* High-Speed Cable DSL Modem Setup
* Troubleshoot and Repair
* Software Training
* Audio Visual
* Shared Internet Solutions
* Additional Services



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